July 17, 2024

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Using Digg to Generate Even More Traffic Online

Digg dot com is one of the best networks to begin social networking and social bookmarking, and has grown considerably in the last few years. There are no editors involved in the process, and the site is completely driven by users and visitors. Everything on Digg, including podcasts and videos, is submitted by independent users. As a result, it completely relies on the ‘collective intelligence’ to promote and make content visible to the masses.

Digg launched at the end of 2004, and has become one of the most popular information sources on the web today. Categories include Health, Education, Games & Hobbies, Music, News, Religion, Sport, and TV/Film. Adding a Digg dot com widget to your website is one of the easiest ways to encourage visitors to Digg articles and content they find on your site, and you can start submitting articles, video links, and podcasts immediately after registration.

Some of the fresh ways that Digg is categorizing information on the site include real-time reporting. Digg labs has crated special tools such as Digg Spy and Digg Swarm that pull all the information together using keywords. You’ll find it very easy to locate information of interest to you, and it makes it even more important to add the appropriate tags so that you become listed in as many places as possible.

The site links on the side of the page offer a search toolbar, RSS feeds, and a popular archive to track down information. Digg works in a very simple process. You’ll start by submitting your link where it reaches the ‘Upcoming Stories’ section immediately. This can be considered primetime for your submission, as it is the easiest place for anyone to find it. The item becomes popular as other bookmarkers start to ‘Digg it.’ And if a submission receives enough Diggs within a certain time period, it will fall out of the Upcoming section and start to climb the ranks of Most Popular. Users can track all submissions with the Swarm, Stack, and Big Spy tools and watch the titles and descriptions of popular items roll down the page on Digg Spy.

Building a network involves inviting friends to the Digg network, and adding them to a friends list. You can keep track of collective news in this way, and comment features are also available.

Commenting on a regular basis is another way to increase your online presence and activities. Participating in discussions and providing feedback to potential customers creates a positive presence within a community, and can lead to clicking on your profile to find out more about you, or simply becoming a friend within your network. Tracking results is easy with the statistics and history report.