July 23, 2024

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Increase Female Sexual Libido With Herbal Libido Enhancers

Low libido or sex drive in women can be a result of various factors and issues at play. Increased work pressure, stress, fatigue, relation problems, hormonal fluctuations etc., are all likely to affect libido in women. Not only this, childhood abuse and trauma can also lead to a drop in sexual appetite.

Though good understanding with your partner can help, the best cure or remedy to enhance sexual libido in women is natural or herbal supplements.

Such supplements are a mix of various herbs and other nutrients such as:

  • ginkgo Bilbo
  • epimedium sagittatum
  • tribulus terrestris
  • melatonin
  • niacin
  • black cohosh
  • red raspberry
  • damiana
  • ginger root
  • licorice root
  • ginseng etc.,

Such supplements increase blood flow to the genitals and ensure engorgement of the clitoris. Not only this, they also help increase response to sexual stimulation. Ginseng and ginkgo biloba are highly effective in increasing blood flow and reducing stress. Ginseng is great for relieving menopause symptoms as well.

It is important to keep in mind that stress is one of the major libido killers in women. By reducing stress, ginseng provides immense boost to your sex drive.

Herbs such as epimedium saggitatum or horny goat weed and ginko biloba not only act as sexual stimulants but also increase the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide production is important since it helps blood vessels widen up so that blood flow can be increased.

A drop in estrogen levels also affects libido in women. Not only this, it is also the root cause of vaginal dryness in women. It is needless to say that vaginal dryness can make intercourse extremely painful. Quite often, women experience bleeding during intercourse. This makes women avoid sex and rob them of their sexual appetite.

Red raspberry and damiana are some of the rare herbs that can help increase the production of estrogen in your body.

Such libido enhancing supplements also help increase clitoral sensitivity and can make you feel sensations you would have never imagined.

Top of the line supplements are clinically approved and free of side effects. Not only this, they are absolutely safe to use and do not interfere with any other medication that you might be using such as birth control pills etc.,

Besides boosting libido such supplements also help strengthen your reproductive system and increase fertility.