July 23, 2024

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How to Get Rid of New Memory Foam Mattress Smell

Memory foam mattress is currently the apple of the eye of the mattress industry. This technology made a breakthrough in the bedding scene due to its ability in reducing back pains, pressure sores and stiff muscles. But one of the downsides of using this mattress is the factory-like pungent smell once you have stripped its plastic cover.

Memory foam mattresses actually contain chemicals. These chemicals emit a certain kind of odor when it is still brand new. To some, this is mildly irritating. But to most of us, it causes worries. Continuous inhalation of these toxic chemicals might endanger our health.

Here are some tips to help you get rid of the initial memory foam odor:

Tip 1: Do not rip off the plastic cover of the mattress yet. Cut one end of the plastic cover and then pull the mattress. Once it is exposed, sprinkle baking soda on all its sides. Baking soda is a smell eliminator. It diffuses all kinds of smell, even moldy and musty smell. Once you have sprinkled it all over your mattress, cover it again with the plastic wrap to insulate the baking soda. Leave it on over night. Vacuum it off the next morning.

Tip 2: Put the mattress in a sunny and airy room. Open the windows in the room to allow air to circulate inside. You can also put pieces of charcoal on a container and put it on top of the mattress. Blast the mattress with air from an electric fan. Charcoal helps in absorbing bad odour.

Tip 3: If you do not have a spare mattress and you need to use your new memory foam bed immediately, then put a thick bed sheet. Wash the bed sheet every other day. It will help absorb the smell and the smell will cling to your sheets. When washing, put fabric softener in your machine.

Tip 4: Purchase odor absorbing products. There are those odor absorbing products sold in the cleaning isle of the grocery store. Some are in the form of scented glass containers while others can be plugged in for 24-hour room freshness. They might cost a lot of money so your alternative is to make a room freshener made from lemon peel. Put it in a cold aluminium container in the room you are putting your mattress in.

You do not have to suffer the initial odor of memory foam mattress. With these tips, you can sleep peacefully and soundly.