July 23, 2024

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How Can Volunteering in Ethiopia Help The Nation

Rich in natural resources and cultural heritage, Ethiopia holds a lot of world history and archaeological evidence of human evolution.
Economic Situation of Ethiopia
Most of Ethiopia is still engaged in occupations like agriculture, forestry,and fishing. About 50{c34c06f77d52afff33578e93b7591d6bfac789ab9e1d902f9c4fe14f0d14bf4a} of the population is still under the age of 18.
There has been a tremendous increase in the enrolment of the population in education year on year, which is resulting in more and more educated youth coming out of these institutions.
However, the country has a long way to go, in terms of generating jobs. There is a big gap in the number of jobs that are available and the number of people who need them. As such, poverty continues to be one of the biggest problems of the country.
Self-employment needs to be encouraged, and the population needs to be helped by bringing in more urbanization, which can put an end to the poverty.
What is volunteering?
Volunteering is an act of showing social empathy towards people who need help in improving their daily lives, without any expectations of profit or financial gains. People need help, in terms of social, financial, health or emotional aid, and providing these with expectations of your own is the essence of volunteering.
While volunteering means that there should be no expectations of your own, it gives an immense emotional satisfaction and joy of giving to the person performing the volunteering act.
How can volunteering in Ethiopia help the nation?
One of the biggest goals of people and organizations that volunteer in Ethiopia is to make the citizens self-reliant, urban and capable of generating employment and income by themselves.
Volunteering programs can help the country to become better equipped to be employed in urban companies that expect better standards of education, behavior,and output.
The well-being of the citizens of Ethiopia, in terms of education, health, employability, art and women and child welfare remains a top priority among people volunteering in Ethiopia.
What are the different areas to volunteer in Ethiopia?
There are a lot of non-profit organizations that invite volunteers to Ethiopia and ask for help in providing aid to people, with the intention of upliftment of the citizens. There are structured programs that are conducted by these organizations, and there is always a need for people who can contribute to the cause, both financially, and in terms of delivering the programs to beneficiaries.
Here are a few areas where volunteers can contribute to Ethiopia –
1.Teaching subjects like Math, Science,and English in schools
2.Teaching skills like IT, Computing, Arts and Crafts, Music, Sports etc.
3.Volunteering in infrastructure development, like construction, landscaping etc.
4.Volunteering at local organizations that promote women and child welfare, women empowerment etc.