May 18, 2024

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Golden Tips in Speed Stacking Or Sport Stacking

The following tips are based on intense practice and researches from videos and feedback from my students who enjoy the challenge in speed stacking. Before you proceed any further, I will like you to first time yourself in any of the speed stack routine and then observe if there is any marked improvement after reading the following 4 golden tips.

Base – This game is about building pyramids. Like any other type of great architecture construction be it Great Wall of China or the Egypt Pyramid, the base must be solid to withstand any slight knocks later. So to build a solid base, ensure the cups touch and close to each other.

Gravity – As this name suggests, it always easier to go with than against gravitational force. As such, it will be easier to stack down than stack up. So remember to slide down lightly and not to force down the cups. Always be gentle to your expensive cups!

Hand – Obviously but not consciously by many, the main tools of this game are your hands, not the cups. Always start with your lead hand to pick the top cup. Place your hand on the sides and not over the tops of the cups.

Movement – The game is all about speed or timing. The right technique must be cultivated to ensure you can improve with constant practice. Adopt circular motion instead of back and forth or up and down. Both hands must be used at the same time. Try doing this blindfolded and you will be amaze that you can also perform stacking.

Practice – No one can win an Olympic gold medal without intense training and practice. Records are meant to be broken. You can be the next one if you stay focus and keep practicing. Remember to have fun and sportsmanship though. Cheers.