July 23, 2024

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Global Environmental Problem

Recently I came across an article on thinning of Ozone layer due to passage of water vapor into the atmosphere. The thunderstorms occurring on earth can cause seepage of water vapor through a cyclic current into the lower strata of stratosphere. This water vapor acts as a catalyst to the chemical reaction of chlorofluorocarbons the harmful substances that cause weakening of ozone layer. The chlorofluorocarbons can destroy ozone layer through a chain reaction with the ozone. The materials got a ban that caused evaporation of the chlorofluorocarbons due to their harmful effect on the layer. Evaporation of such harmful substances can cause destruction of the layer more rapidly with water vapor from the thunderstorms. This is really a ring of alarm for the global environment.

This new finding in itself provides an idea of what cost can we pay if global warming is not controlled immediately. Ozone is a life blanket that envelopes the earth and prevents harmful ultraviolet rays from entering into the earth’s atmosphere. These ultraviolet rays once entered into the earth can cause skin cancer and can prove harmful to human health. Therefore, protection of ozone layer is critical to our very existence. The above cited recent finding by the scientists of theory of destruction of ozone from thunderstorms raises more concerns about our global environmental protection.

The occurring of thunderstorms is a natural phenomenon that occurs everywhere on the world. But how this natural phenomenon can cause environmental destruction was unforeseen in the past. But due to continuous carbonation of atmosphere by humans this is possible. The effects of this pollution caused by humans are in large proportions than one can imagine. It is necessary that such large effects caused by such factors be reported to environmental activists and people worldwide so that we become conscious of the harmful effects that could be caused by our day-to-day activities. A sense of awareness about the environment is crucial.

Unlikely events of drop in temperature, change in climate, and drop in rainfall are indicators of global warming. Every other day if temperature drops in a year to record levels than we say that something is wrong with the environment or that it is abnormal and caused by pollution. But such shifts in climatic health should-be studied over a long time and over a larger region before drawing any conclusion. But certainly from findings it is found that sea level is increasing day by day due to melting of ice. Now melting of ice can occur only if temperature rises and continuous increase in sea levels suggests continues melting of ice. If this continues then a point will come when the total sunlight reflected back would go down which will increase the temperature of earth as more light is now absorbed by earth.This will cause more ice to melt and cumulatively the effect would be much greater.

The amount of data available for studying the world environment over a larger time period is small. So if there is any abnormal environmental activity like large thunderstorm or sudden melting of ice in arctic we cannot definitely say that it is due to a drop in environmental health but there is a possibility that this change in weather could be due to environmental destruction. It would need study of such abnormal weather occurrences for a very many years so that there are enough observations to reach any significant result statistically. Due to absence of such large data there are not enough observations to reach any conclusion that such abnormal occurrences occurs due to global environmental imbalance.

Scientists do agree that the pollution created in recent times in the world is certainly to cause imbalance in earth’s environment. The continuing pollution of earth can cause various effects like global warming or depletion of ozone. These are well described phenomenon theoretically and are certainly accepted by environmentalists all over the world. But abnormal weather occurrences need more studies and research before reaching any conclusion. These occurrences are severe and occur very rarely but can we reach a conclusion that they are really caused by global pollution, yes but only partially. If some abnormal weather event has happened by chance or caused by environmental imbalance needs to-be inquired about. Without any concrete past data and proof one cannot reach a decision in this regard and chance comes into play. Such abnormal events might happen by chance or could have occurred by chance in the history of the earth or there could be environmental imbalance that might be the cause.

The global pollution problem is very complex. There might be unforeseen factors that might be having such catalytic effect and some which might affect in opposing way. Considering these all factors is really overwhelming and confusing. What one best can do is to consider major factors that can pose serious threats to the environment. At the same time sound statistical systems should-be in place to record data on weather and test the changes in weather patterns. From where the problem can occur is really not possible to tell and what are the causes of its occurrence whether it’s really the environmental imbalance requires a serious study.

Global warming is a grave threat to the world. The increase of temperature due to imbalance in the environment raises several questions which need answers. Can we offer the answer? Can we save our planet? Do we have the courage to come forward and take the initiatives to save our beautiful earth? These are some questions which needs answer today and now and now and now only.