July 23, 2024

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A Nu Skin MLM Review – Where is Nu Skin Now After 25 Years?

Nu Skin is one of the most reputable skin care companies in the world with a long lasting track that still continues to hold up against their competition: the multi-billion dollar skin care industry. What I am impressed with is on their 25th anniversary, they are shattering sales records never achieved before. The company opened its doors back in 1984 with a laser-focused dedication to providing constant support to their members with their quality skin care and income achieving needs. Today’s Nu Skin review is going to cover what they have to offer now after 25 years in the making and where they are headed for the long term.

Skin Brightening Systems Are One of The Best Selling Skin Care Products In The Market Place Today – Nu Skin Has Certainly A Sizable Market Share In This Niche Sector

Asians have known to be the highest percentage of people to buy skin brightening systems. The Japanese skin care market, another highly competitive skin care industry, sells massive volumes of whitening products. Skin brightening systems have been proven to be effective. It helps maintain the youthfulness of the skin keeping it soft and supple. From the perspective of an investor in this Nu Skin review, I would say Nu Skin has done a really good job keeping up with the latest trends of the skin care market relating to what is hot and what is not.

Nu Skin’s Revolutionary Tri-Phasic White System – What Is It?

It is a clinically tested and proven skin care system designed to brighten the skin with five products that work synergistically to reduce the skin discoloration process. The following are included with the skin care system: Tri-Phasic White Cleanser, Tri-Phasic White Toner, Tri-phasic White Essence, Tri-Phasic White Day Milk Lotion, and Tri-Phasic White Night Cream.

Other Important Revolutionary and Cutting Edge Product Developments Responsible For Nu Skin’s Record Breaking Growth

Also included in the product line is a 180 day Anti-Aging Skin Therapy System which they claim to deliver smoother and softer skin within seven days. They even have a special line of products for acne called Nutricentials and the Clear Action Acne Medication System. This is on top of the wide range of hundreds of products that I cannot cover in this Nu Skin product review.

Important Fact: Nu Skin Scientific Advances In Skin Care Technology Is Highly Attributed To Their Partnership With The Stanford University School of Medicine

Nu Skin knows how important it is to stay on the competitive edge of skin care sciences and technology. Let me reveal Nu Skin’s remarkable discovery in uncovering the basic fundamentals of our skin’s natural darkening process. This will help explain in detail why some tan slowly while others tan very quickly.

The skin discoloration and overall skin darkening process undergoes three different phases: The activation, synthesis, and expression of melanin, a pigment that causes discoloration on the surface of the skin. And Nu Skin’s Skin Whitening System addresses the appearance of dark age spots and uneven skin tone that take place during those three phases, resulting in a more brilliant complexion.

Nu Skin has truly evolved to be the leading authority of products that caters to a widely diverse range of skin care issues relating to dermatology, ethnobotany, cosmetics, and nutritional sciences.