July 20, 2024

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A Golf Putting Tip From The Sport Of Curling

I found a great golf putting tip as I learnt a new sport for me – curling.

Curling is similar to golf in a lot of ways.
They are both games originating in Scotland several hundred years ago.
They are both games without nastiness, and driven with powerful rules of etiquette, where being polite is a bedrock of the game.
That’s why I like them both, and when I found England’s one and only purpose built curling rink was a 40 minute drive from me, I was there like a shot.

Another thing both games have in common is the small margins between getting exactly the result you want, or being nowhere near!

As I am developing my technique of getting the 42lbs of granite to the target 40 metres down the ice, I have learnt that the strength of your shot does not come from the arm swing, it actually comes from your leg push.
You use your arm to get the direction, but if you try to use your arm to judge the strength, you won’t be consistent.

It’s this point which you can transfer as a golf putting tip to take many shots off your score.

Don’t try and judge the distance of your putt with your follow through, this will result in inconsistency.
When you practice, train yourself to use your backswing to judge your distance.
When you backswing say 3 inches, and follow through 3 inches, you’ll soon be able to predict how far your putt will go.
Do the same for a 4 inch backswing and so on, so that in time, when you are on the green and have judged how far you need to putt, you can switch to your pre-programmed backswing.

This will get the length of your putts to just where you want them, even on the pressure shots, so you just concentrate on the line.

Even if this does nothing but cut down your 3 putting, you’ll see the benefits on your scorecard.

When you use this golf putting tip and reap the rewards, give thanks to the sport of curling!