May 18, 2024

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Vaginal Bacteria Overgrowth Can Lead to Bacterial Vaginosis

The disturbed growth of vaginal bacteria is common and easily recurrent with women of 18-50 years old. Apart from infections, an overgrowth of the normal vaginal bacteria is often found to be the cause of such a discharge. If you’re experiencing vaginal discharge with odor it is very likely that an overgrowth of bacteria is contributing to the cause.

A lot of women these days suffer from bacterial vaginal infection, more generally called bacterial vaginosis or BV abbreviated. It is important to note that approximately 50 percent of women who have bacteria vaginosis do have any outward signs of the infection. It’s among the common infections in adult female’s, therefore do not feel entirely alone, there are more than 250,000 look ups monthly on Google alone for this BV condition.

The most common reasons given by women as to why they douche are to clean the vagina, rinse away blood after their monthly periods, get rid of odour from the vagina, prevent pregnancy, reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections. Rather ironically, washing too frequently can strip the vagina of the healthy acidic lubricants. In fact studies have shown that women who douche typically have more sexual health problems than those that do not.

There are several reasons that the vagina may become inflamed, each necessitating a different prevention and treatment strategy. Only by knowing that you are infected do you have a choice of using these treatments before you get ill.

Under normal circumstances, the secretions produced by the vagina are slightly milky in color and have very little or no smell. If you have symptoms which include a gray or white watery discharge, a foul, fishy vaginal odor and unbearable itching and burning, it is highly likely that you have the very common condition called bacterial vaginosis, which is caused by an overgrowth of vaginal bacteria. Vaginal odour is commonly linked to vaginitis, which is vaginal inflammation. Vaginal discharge that is grayish-white and thin may be indicative of a yeast infection. To eliminate vaginal bacteria naturally, it is best to wash no more than twice a day, even if the odor is bad, and never use perfumed products on the vagina, as these are too harsh

Home remedies prove substantially helpful in dealing with the symptoms of bacterial vaginitis. Treatment for each case of vaginal inflammation varies with the specific cause; some cases can be treated successfully at home, while others require a doctor’s diagnosis and a prescription medication. There are a number of home treatments which can help to both eliminate unpleasant odors and provide a natural bacterial vaginosis cure which can quickly get things back to normal.


Bacterial Vaginosis is a common vaginal condition, which occurs when the normal balance in the vaginal bacteria is lost. An increase in harmful vaginal bacteria is all it can take to cause bacteria vaginosis. Much like yeast, the presence of vaginal bacteria is normal and healthy, however imbalances may occur that produce symptoms such as vaginal odour. It is easily curable via home remedies and some precautionary measures involving personal hygiene.